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Keep these tips in mind before shopping online from anywhere, including Amazon and Flipkart.

The dual festive sale of Amazon and Flipkart has started. In which you will be given a bumper discount. But if you are planning to shop online then you must take care of some things. We often hear about fraud online. If this is not the case with you, that is why we will tell you some important things, keeping in mind that you do online shopping.

Give priority to official website

If you are buying goods online, then for that you first search for that product on the website or app based on the manufacturer. Shop only after the Auco product is found there. With this, you will get the goods right and the payment will also be safe.

Avoid fake site

There are so many e-commerce websites in the country. We know about some of these, but there are some websites that are made just for fraud. Here people are often accused of discounts. Payments are made online but goods do not arrive or bad goods are delivered. That is why we should buy goods from popular or verified website.

Cash on delivery safest

Cash on delivery is the best way to avoid any type of fraud. In this, the goods reach you first and only then you pay. That is, there is no risk of getting bogged down with a bank account.

Tick ​​’no’ in save detail

Often you will see that to pay on a site, you are given the option of save account details. Keep in mind that you select no.

Now read this review

For information, let us know that Amazon, Flipkart or other e-commerce websites do not sell their own goods, rather it is the goods of retailers which are sold through sites. That is why it is important that you read the review before buying any item. You will find reviews on the site. Amazon and Flipkart have fullfield labels. That is why buy the product which is labeled.

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