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Haldiram hit by cyber attack, hackers ask for ransom of Rs 7 lakh

Haldiram, a company that makes desi snacks

A major cyber attack has taken place on the website of food and packaging company HaldiRam. In return for returning the data, cyber criminals have demanded extortion of Rs 7 lakh.

Noida. A case of cyber attack has come on the country’s famous food and packaging company Haldiram. In this case, a complaint has been made on behalf of the company in Sector-58 Police Station, Noida. Cyber ​​criminals have deleted the data of many departments of the company, due to which the company has suffered a lot. In return for returning the data, cyber criminals have demanded extortion of Rs 7 lakh.

Abhinendra Singh, media in-charge of Police Commissioner Alok Singh said that food and packaging company Haldiram has a corporate office in C-block of Sector 62 in Noida. The company’s IT department operates from here. Aziz Khan, DGM of Haldiram Company told the police that the virus was attacked on the company on the night of 12 and 13 July. The attack took place on the server of the company’s corporate office in Sector 62. Due to this attack, data from the marketing business of the company to other departments disappeared and the data of many departments were also deleted.

According to the complaint, many important files of the company also disappeared. When this was revealed to the high officials of the company, an internal investigation was first done. After this, there was a chat between the company officials and the cyber attack criminals, while the cyber criminals demanded Rs 7 lakh from the company.

According to the information, in the month of Kovid-19 infection, many companies around the world had a virus attack. Meanwhile, the country’s major food and packaging company Haldiram also fell victim to it. According to cyber experts, a group spread across the world had attacked the virus on these companies. In this case, on the complaint of the company’s DGM IT Aziz Khan, the police is investigating the case.

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