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Relief from unwanted notifications on WhatsApp, know how to update this feature

WhatsApp has rolled out the Always Mute feature to stop notifications.

Whatsapp has been testing the Always Mute feature in the beta version for a long time and now it has been rolled out for both Android and iOS versions of smartphones.

new Delhi. WhatsApp has become a way to connect with the office, family and friends. Through this, you remain constantly in everyone’s touch. But often on WhatsApp, users have to join many such groups. The messages on which are not of any special use and the notifications of messages coming on these groups have been constantly bothering you. If you have a similar problem. So now you don’t have to worry. Because a new update has come on WhatsApp. Through this feature, you can mute notifications of messages coming on unwanted groups forever. This feature is for both Android and iOS users.

WhatsApp shared the Always Mute option while sharing information on its Twitter account. If you go to the Mute Notifications settings of a WhatsApp group. So here you will see the third option Always with 1 Week and 8 hours. Till now, 1 Year option was available instead of Always, that is, you could mute a group by changing the settings for more than 1 year. But once the new feature is added, once the group is muted, it will never bother its notifications.

Always Mute is not showing, then update WhatsApp- WhatsApp was testing this feature in beta version for a long time and now it has been rolled out for smartphones of both Android and iOS versions. If you do not see the option of Always Mute in your WhatsApp, then you should update your WhatsApp immediately by going to Google Play Store.

How to activate Always Mute
Users update the WhatsApp to Android device or iPhone and then open the app. Now tap on that WhatsApp group to mute the notifications of a group. When its chat window opens, you will see teed dot on the top in the right side. Tapping on it will open the Settings menu. In this, you will see the option of Mute Notifications. On tap, you will see the option of 8 hours, 1 week and Always. By tapping on any of these options, you can music the message. You can also unmute message notifications with this process.

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